Basic Template Settings

If you open the template from your template manager after installation, the first head that you will find under Basic Options of the template is "Basic Template Settings". 


Basic Template Settings


As you can see in the attached screenshot it has three options:

  1. Select Template Style: VP MegaMart has 8 color variants - Default Color, Pink Color, Green Color, Blue Color, Red Color, Purple pizzazz, Purple Color and Teal Color. You can set your template style here.
  2. Body Width: The template has two body width options 980px and 1200px. By default the template width is set 980px and you can change it to 1200px if you need.
  3. Optimize JS & CSS Files: When enabled it optimizes the template Javascripts and CSS Style sheets using modern web standard methods i.e. combine, minify, gzip, server side cache and browser side cache. It helps your site to load much faster than a normal template. In the development stage of your site if you are customizing the template then we recommend you to disable this feature to avoid unnecessary browser cache. By default this option is disabled. When you site is live you can enable this at your convenience


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